When I was in Missouri visiting my twin sister, Janet, there was a beautiful sunset and I was blessed to capture it in a number of photos. This painting is from one of those photos. There is a lovely warm light from the change in color of the foliage due to the brilliant sun behind it.

Missouri Sunset

This painting was from a photograph by the very talented Kevin Westenberg. It was painted to inspire a wonderful and talented group of musicians in the Westchester area. BB King has always been my own inspiration as a blues singer. Someday, I hope BB King will personally view this painting.

BB King

This is from a beautiful photograph taken by David Anastasia. Hopefully the viewer will feel peace from looking at it.


When Bryan, Gregory and Dylan were young, I would take them to a park in New Rochelle by the High School. This photo was taken on one of our picnics. I painted it because we were blowing bubbles and they got in the photo.Dreamscape

New Rochelle is beautiful in the Fall. I took this picture in Glen Island Park. I am in the mirror. It is a picture within a picture. Reflections

This painting was from a photograph taken in Cannes, of three friends. The fourth friend took the picture and is the shadow. It was a very challenging painting.Friends

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